Merry Crisis

Updated: Jan 21

Obviously, the holidays this year were different. Some students weren’t able to visit family and get to spend time with them. Several Sabers got quarantined in the middle of the break, meaning they weren’t able to do anything.

“Normally I go to see family in Mason City but things ended up changing so I wasn’t able to go see my great-grandma and my cousins, said Kadyn Dingbaum.

“So I was kinda sad about that but I still was able to do Christmas with my family,” added Dingbaum.

Others, like Allie Wainwright, were lucky and were able to see family, even if it was after the holidays.

“I was able to go see family after the holidays mainly because all of us had COVID so we were able to have a small get together at my aunt's house. Christmas was really different this year because we did not celebrate on the 23rd like usual due to COVID in the family.”

Jadyn Sheppard, Central Publications Staff

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