The Sacred Rules of the Student Section

Updated: Jan 22

Thunderous chants and monstrous stomps fill the stands of the student section. Excitement erupts from the eager students of Central DeWitt when their team scores. This year we have not had a ton of opportunities to participate in the student section. Student supporters were blessed with some home football and volleyball games but a limit on supporters was implemented before the beginning of winter sports.

Luckily, we have started to open up spectator attendance for home basketball games and wrestling meets but there are limited tickets available for student supporters. If you are fortunate enough to beat the crowd and make it to a game, there are 5 sacred rules you should know before you decide to represent the student body in the student section:

1. Freshman IN THE BACK

This might sound classist but we all had to be a freshman at one point. Still, bring your best energy and follow the upperclassmen as best as you can, but mostly have a good time.

2. Be Loud/ Energetic

If you leave the game without losing your voice or gaining a sore throat, you didn’t do it right. Cheer at your loudest and pay attention to the game. The student section is much more fun when you have energy and stop staring at your phone.

3. Dress to match the theme

Follow @saberstudentsection on instagram and twitter to keep updated on the details and dress up themes for each night. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in bland attire.

4. Wear a mask

Don’t be dumb. We want to keep having student sections for as long as possible. Be covid friendly and keep your nose under the mask as well.

5. Know the cheers

Below are videos of some of the classic cheers: “Rowdie”, “Proud to be a Saber”, “Dynamite”, and “Boogie Down”.

Katelynn Simmons & Allie Wainwright, Central Publications Editors

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